Internal Medicine and Surgery

We offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions encountered in our equine patients. We are very aware that early diagnosis and treatment of a condition is essential to ensure the best possible outcome for your horse.

Dr Todd endoscopeDermatology

• Common Symptoms - Allergic skin disease, summer sores, skin tumors,    bacterial or fungal skin disease
• Diagnostic Procedures - Skin scraping, biopsy, intradermal allergy testing, fungal    and bacterial cultures


• Common Symptoms - Corneal ulcers, fungal keratitis, stromal abcesses,    recurrent uveitis

We offer hospitalization of eye cases with or without the placement of Sub Palpebral Lavage system.


• Common Symptoms - Hirsutism (long coat), cresty neck, abnormal fat distribution, loss of muscle mass, excessive drinking/urination
• Diagnostic Procedures - Physical examination, Glucose T4, ACTH, Insulin, TRH stimulation test


• Common Symptoms - Coughing, nasal discharge, heaves (COPD)
• Diagnostic Procedures - Upper Airway Endoscopy, ultrasound, trans tracheal    wash, BronchoAlveolar Lavage


• Common Symptoms - Colic, gastric ulceration, intestinal ulceration, diarrhea,    colitis.
• Diagnostic Procedures - Video Gastroscopy, Abdominal Ultrasound,    Abdominocentesis


• Common Symptoms - Abnormal gait, weak hindlimbs, changes in behavior.
• Diagnostic Procedures - Thorough neurologic exam, digital radiography, serum/ CSF testing

Minor Surgical Prodecures

• Castration (standing or down)
• Palmar Digital Neurectomies (nervings)
• Mass/tumor/summer sore removals
• Severe wounds
• Caslick surgery/ vulvoplasty
• Enucleation (eye removal)
• Tooth removal
• Cryosurgery
• Nuchal Ligament Biopsy

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