Pre-Purchase Examinations

Harbour Ridge Equine offers pre-purchase examinations of all breeds of horses and for many disciplines. Pre purchase exams are tailored to your needs. We will discuss with you the horse’s history, current use, and your goals. A pre-purchase examination consists of a combination of: A thorough physical exam (oral exam, respiratory exam, cardiovascular exam, ophthalmic exam, body condition, and palpation of the neck, back, and legs). Click here to download our pre-purchase exam request form.

Hoof testers AT Lameness

Flexion with Rider 1

• Soundness evaluation
• Hoof tester exam
• Trot in hand and longe (under saddle depending on the situation)
• Flexion tests of all limbs
• Imaging
• Radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy
• Bloodwork
• CBC/chemistry, drug screening, endocrinology screening tests

We will discuss our findings and any concerns regarding current or future use of the horse. All exams are reported in writing to the buyer.

AT Optho Jog

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