We have stalls available for the 2020 breeding season (Mares & Stallions). Please contact us for details.

Our experience and expertise in the field of equine reproduction allows us to provide routine and specialty reproductive services for your mare or stallion.

We manage all aspects of equine reproduction from breeding to birth.

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• Routine rectal palpations and transrectal ultrasonography as frequent as deemed necessary in order to determine optimal time of breeding

• Artificial insemination (cooled shipped or frozen semen)

• Early pregnancy diagnosis from 13 days post ovulation

• Uterine culture & cytology

• Small volume uterine lavage

• Uterine biopsies

• Twin reduction

• Breeding soundness examinations

• Management of ‘high risk’ pregnancies

• Management of sub-fertile mares


• Donor and recipient mare synchronization

• Artificial insemination (cooled shipped or frozen semen)

• Embryo collection from donor mare (flushing)

• Embryo implantation into recipient mare

• Embryo packaging and shipping (if required)
Our meticulous approach to equine reproduction helps to ensure the best possible chance of achieving a pregnancy in your mare.

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• Breeding soundness examinations

• Semen collection & evaluation

• Preparation of semen for shipping

• Semen freezing and storage

• Training your stallion for semen collection

• Management of the sub-fertile stallion


• Foaling assistance

• Mare and foal post foaling examination

• Neonatal Management

• Diagnosis of ‘failure of passive transfer’

• Hyperimmune Plasma