With our extensive knowledge and skills in equine reproduction, we are able to offer a wide range of reproductive services for both mares and stallions. Throughout our years of practice, we have dedicated ourselves to working with sub fertile mares. Our meticulous approach coupled with the appropriate diagnostic tools and techniques allows us to maximize the chances of successfully achieving pregnancy in your mare. Our full list of mare services is listed below:

  • Routine rectal palpations and transrectal ultrasonography as frequent as deemed necessary in order to determine optimal time of breeding
  • Artificial insemination (cool-shipped or frozen semen)
  • Early pregnancy diagnosis from 13 days post ovulation
  • Uterine culture & cytology
  • Small volume uterine lavage
  • Uterine biopsies
  • Twin reduction
  • Breeding soundness examinations
  • Management of ‘high risk’ pregnancies
  • Management of sub-fertile mares
  • Specialized in Fetal Sexting


Early foal examination is a key aspect of ensuring the health, well-being, and future development of a young horse. An initial check-up by your veterinarian will assess the overall health of the foal, checking for any signs of illness, injury, or congenital abnormalities. At this time your veterinarian can also provide a vaccination schedule based upon your foal’s needs and considering the mare’s immunity and local disease risks. For a full list of neonatal services see below:

  • Foaling assistance
  • Mare and foal post foaling examination
  • Neonatal Management
  • Diagnosis of ‘failure of passive transfer’
  • Hyperimmune Plasma