Treatment Room

The private treatment room is air-conditioned and spacious with fully matted floors. This climate controlled environment is ideal for ultra-sounding, taking radiographs and sterile procedures such as joint injections.

Our treatment room is located at the heart of our clinic adjacent to the lab. This facility layout makes it easy for us to run diagnostic tests prepare treatments and administer treatments all under one roof. What this means for our patients is:

An accurate diagnosis in a timely manner
Cutting edge treatments administered immediately upon diagnosis.
The Best possible outcome for our patients.

Breeding Shed

Our spacious air conditioned breeding shed is equipped with a private stallion stall, teasing wall, stocks and breeding phantom. As with the treatment room, the breeding shed is attached to our lab, which means that we can collect, evaluate and freeze or ship semen all under one air conditioned roof. Our constant rate freezer allows us to freeze at a constant temperature thus producing the best quality frozen semen possible. The quality of cooled or frozen semen is very much affected by how it is handled. Our facility and state of the art equipment help to ensure that our clients receive the best possible semen to ship to their clients.


Your horse’s safety and comfort is our priority! Our 2500 sq. foot barn is fully air-conditioned and has rubber mats throughout. We have 8 extra-large stalls (13 x13) available for inpatients or haul-in cases.


We have 5 acres of pasture turnout available for our patients. Each pasture is fenced so there is no nose to nose contact between our patients.